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07-04-2013, 10:40 AM
I am trying to use the 360 controller, but have been having trouble.

I can map out commands to the D-Pad, and Left Stick, but that is it. I cannot map anything to the A,B,X,Y buttons, or Left/Right Shoulder buttons, or L/R Trigger. Also, the Right Stick cannot be mapped.

I have tried to switch from game pad to 360 game pad, but nothing. I have tried to do the key binds in the chat screen like some post have said, but I have trouble keeping up with what button does what. And I can't figure out what command matches what phrase to put in for the button I want. (Not to mention that I don't know what button is what number on my controller. Is Y joystick number 1 or 12?

I don't need everything mapped to the controller. Heck, I can't keep up with what I eat some days. Trying to figure out what button pressed with what other button does I don't how how many other things is beyond me.

All I want is this:

Left on left stick = turn left.
Right on left stick = turn right.
Up moves the ship nose down, and down moves the nose up.
Click left stick = Target next enemy.

The right stick movements always pans the camera.
Click right stick = maximum impulse.

D-Pad up = shields forward.
D-Pad down = shields aft.
D-Pad left = shields port (left side).
D-Pad right = shields starboard

Left shoulder button = increase impulse speed
Right shoulder button = decrease impulse speed

Left trigger = fire all phases
Right trigger = fire phases and torpedoes.

A button = Interact
X button = crew member 1 powers
Y button = crew member 2 powers
B button = crew member 3 powers

Left stick up = forward
Down = back
Left = strafe left
Right = strafe right
Click = toggle run

Right stick up = look up
Down = look down
Left = turn left
Right = turn right.
Click = crouch.

D-Pad up = target friend 1
D-Pad left = target friend 2
D-Pad down = target friend 3
D-Pad right = target friend 4

A = Interact
Y = switch weapons
X = m?l?e attack
B = target exposed

Left trigger = fire main weapon
Right trigger = secondary feature

Left shoulder button = skill 1
Right shoulder button = skill 2

The start always goes to game menu, and back always goes to map.

I don't have to have everything set to the controller. I will have the keyboard with me. I just need enough to not have to use the mouse at all during battle. I am fine with using it between battle, and having to hit the number pad to activate skills.

Any help would appreciated. I have been trying to map these things out, and have done nothing but messed things up. I don't have the slightest clue how to properly enter in commands in the chat window, and the 360 controller options in the key binds menu of the game are very limited, and restricting.

Thanks for any assistance,