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07-04-2013, 10:14 AM
Where do i begin?

My enthusiasm for the summer event is being brutally crushed and systematically torn to shreds.

Working 40+ hrs and commuting 18+hrs a week doesn't leave a ton of free time for 'fun' stuff. Since the launch on the 27th, all my 'play time' has been patching. I finally got in last night but it seemed like a lot more like work than play. I have many characters but i made a personalo cap of the 11 chars i wanted to get the ship for. That's fewer chars than i had racing in Q's Winter Wonderland.

None of my chars are EC-millionaires and my newest chars have the least. 1,000 EC for a 20-min rental?!? Hell No!! So i have to do activities B and C to 'earn' the 50 Lohlunat Favors for a Standard Floater so i can now participate in activity A (Flying High).

Now I Have Another Problem: Some of my chars i cannot 'steer' using the mouse as i did w/my 1st char thru the FH courses. Going through the Options for Ground Controls was no help as nothing worked to solve the problem.

I was also looking forward to getting some goods & services in the C-Store so i could Finally make the Fed Klingon i've wanted to make since the game launched in 2010. But a problem stemmed from PWE forcing all players to crate a new PWE account instead of simply grandfathering/integrating the existing Cryptic accounts into their system (something any competant programmer with a shred of respect could do).

When I tried to add a card for Billing, i found that PWE/Billing has an incorrect email on file. I have opened a ticket thru Customer Service part of the site as instructed, but now i am not allowed to view that ticket or its status. So now i have the find the Billing thread to escalate that issue. Massively Brilliant that! Putting me over a barrel to spend money then make it impossible for me to spend money.

Shazam! Now the "Fun Summer Event" has been transformed into "Massively Laborous Struggles in Purgatory"... .. for now it will be several chores to eke out any 'Happy' this "4th" (of July).

I didn't want to blast venom and vitriol but these things had to be said.
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