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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
Join PvP Boot Camp! We have cake, skill respecs, exclusive sexy "PvP Boot Camp Graduate" ingame titles! Be the envy if your fleet mates! Don't be a square! Be a triangle for STO's round hole BANG! ZOOM! WIZARD LEMONADE GIGGLE SWISH!

Sign up in the sub forum and learn from some of the community's best! Learn how to work as a team, get the very best out of your ship, make keybinds to make you faster, harder, longer lasting in all aspects of space combat!

Are you feeling lonely? Are the same o' STFs leaving you unsatisfied? Do you long for some ever evolving goodness to shake your nacelle at? Join PVP Boot Camp! The only community suited & booted project to leave you wanting more... *Sean Connery eye-brow wiggle*
PVP is broken. teaching broken mechanics to players is not the solution.
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