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07-04-2013, 01:07 PM
Hi everyone in this thread - you can add me to the list of people with these annoying game-crash problems. So far these are the game-crashes I've had:

* I am online nearly every day and seems like not a day goes by without it crashing at least once or twice (usually several hours apart though)
* It randomly crashes when i'm barely doing anything at all - like just standing there reading something in zone chat (usually a few moments after I have entered a new instance somewhere) - other times I'm not doing anything major except opening a window like the character screen, or the duty-officer screen or any of those and it randomly crashes
* Sometimes if i turn my camera view around a bit too fast and sharply (i use a mouse) then it crashes or freezes everything
* Many times when it crashes I get the "Fatal Error: Direct3D driver returned error code (E_OUTOFMEMORY) while creating a texture" error message
* Other times I get NO error message after it has crashed
* Most game crashes for me so far have been when beaming down/entering New-Romulus - though they have also occured seemingly randomly throughout the whole game - certainly the "large-instances" with lots of stuff in them like New-Romulus and the Risa-Event are places it has occured a lot. Oh and it crashed during watching a cutscene on New-Romulus as well (seems like everytime I reload my game however it loads perfectly fine into New-Romulus or wherever it last crashed)
* Other times it has totally locked up my game on the loading-screens (any location anywhere in game randomly again it seems) - I cannot activate windows task-manager to force-quit the game - yet strangely enough when I have ventrillo running in the background, despite the game having locked, I can still hear/talk with my fleet buddies on vent - weird. Oh and as a result of this happening I am forced to manually-restart my computer at the power-button, rather than a proper shutdown/restart in windows.
* It has at least once or twice totally frozen my game, computer and everything, again forcing me to manually power-switch-off/restart - oh and it even once did this to me on the character-screen when I tried to go into the options to turn down my video settings before loading into the main game!!! (also my character screen always seems laggy) **hint hint** - possibly these texture out of memory bug things are due to character costumes - but who knows? I think the majority of crashes I've had were on ground instances......
* Possibly the worst thing it has done so far (once) was both my game and computer crashed and my computer restarted on its own (it might have blue-screened but it restarted so fast i don't know) - then it got stuck in some sort of constantly rebooting cycle and refused to load the bios (my screen remained blank, though i could hear the fans inside wirring speeding up each time as if it was getting ready to start loading the motherboard and everything, but seconds later they slowed down, then sped up again, repeatedly - all the time with no bios or anything loading on screen). Yet again I was forced to manually power-switch-off to stop it. Luckilly, (at least I HOPE) it was some sort of memory issue, since I left it turned off for a couple of hours, and when I came back it loaded up windows fine again AND the game too!

I can only hope it didn't cause any serious damage to any of my components. Also I hope none of them were already on the way out to fail anyway - especially given all the above mentioned problems I've been having. Though I doubt it given the fact, like many other people have mentioned, I did not have ANY of these problems before the Legacy of Romulus new season came out. Before the season, I was running full (almost totally maxed out) graphics settings in game, i'm still using the same graphics card, same OS XP-home-32bit, same all other components, all for about a year i think and had no problems (maybe the very rare game crash but that's all). Oh and someone suggested in the video options, under troubleshooting, to set your Video Memory Limit to Auto - mine was already set at Auto, and it was still crashing - i lowered my settings and it auto-changed to something else itself and it still crashes.
I've been forced to set my in game graphics settings to the default minimum since even mid-way between minimum and recommended settings seems to crash the game occasionally. I think at this level, despite my game graphics appearing utterly rubbish, the game is for now at least no longer crashing on me - though I only played for a few hours on this setting with no problems (particularly New-Romulus was NOT crashing) I need to play a lot longer to know for sure though.

Oh and I have NO problems doing or running anything else on my computer, I've got all up to date graphics-card-drivers etc, am pretty sure my comp is totally free of viruses and useless memory guzzling rubbish programs running in the background - so all these problems definitly point towards this obviously malfunctioning online game rather than my own equipment or software.



Well, first off and probably most importantly I have increased my computer VIRTUAL MEMORY and it seems to have slightly improved things for me. I don't seem to be getting quite so many crashes as I was I THINK, and the severity of the crashes doesn't seem quite so bad anymore (at least my game and computer isn't force rebooting itself anymore, and the game/computer doesn't lockup on me after a game crash.... much).

Sadly however the game IS STILL CRASHING (at least once or twice every time I have it on) randomly anywhere in game, though mostly around high "population" instance zones. Also New Romulus seems to remain a key location where it occurs more often than the rest of the game, but I must admit the frequency of crashes even here seems to have reduced since i increased my computer virtual memory.

Some people have mentioned to try to lower the in-game graphics (like "texture") and change some other graphics related settings in troubleshooting and stuff. Well, I can't personally say that this works, but get this:

Some time ago I got really fed up with these multiple crashes that i set all my in-game graphics to the absolute MINIMUM to test it out (the game really looks aweful of minimum setting lol). For a while it seemed to improve things - I wasn't getting any crashes.... The suddenly one day I log back in the game and BAM the game crashes, locks-up and locks my computer too (i can't remember where I was though - I THINK i was at QO-NOS academy!). It crashed on THE LOWEST DAMN GRAPHICS SETTINGS!!!! Also, someone suggested setting the DirectX option in "troubleshooting" to Auto - well I THINK mine was and always has been set to auto (though I'm not sure). So, it seems even setting your in-game graphics to minimum etc might not necessarily improve things. NOTE: THIS WAS BEFORE I INCREASED MY COMPUTER VIRTUAL MEMORY.

Like i said, increase virtual memory seems to have sort of improved things for me, but in the end it's not perfect and not even barely adequate - WHAT WE NEED IS THIS TEXTURE / DIRECTX / GRAPHICS / WHATEVER BUG THING FIXED (in BOTH games!!!!)

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