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07-04-2013, 03:12 PM
I like the Romulan Republic uniforms, but everything else on the Federation side is a pain in the ass to match any of the colors.

The Romulan uniforms all seem to have different sets of colors. Even pieces of the same set. The Romulan Republic 1 wrist pieces (the ones with the white cloth on default) have different sets on each wrist.

Also, the Federation Romulan uniform share a color set with the Federation faction uniforms, which don't match near anything on the Romulan side. You would have to wear the entire set (which, in my opinion, looks awful compared to the Klingon version), rather than mixing and matching parts from the Romulan's unique wardrobe. And I'm sure that new uniforms will be added in the future.

If possible, Cryptic should decide on one color set to apply to all Romulan uniforms, and also fix the texture differences between the uniforms sets, and sometimes the pieces from the same set. For example, the Federation tight pants, with the metal texture on them, appear extremely shiny, and I can't find a single uniform top that matches that texture.