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07-04-2013, 05:35 PM
Originally Posted by m3ntali5t1 View Post
my main question is..

during a run im watching this thing run the numbers, and i do a nice string of attacks and my DPS jumps to 10k+ yet when everything is done it says my dps is 5k, and shrinks the encounter i peaked at into oblivion i assume like it never happened, is there a way i can have ALL information stay up, so i can see my avg, as well as my peaks?! it seems like this only gives avg in the final reports and not what your capable of doing of things are done right...

while im in a match i see like 4 or 5 encounter tabs, but then it shrinks them all down to 2, i want ALL the tabs!
You can adjust the timer cutoff for a new encounter entry, it's in the options somewhere. This should keep it from making new encounters before you've finished the current mission/instance/map.

As far as "what you're capable of doing", your highest DPS is not relevant since it's generally happens at the beginning of en encounter due to burst/spike, what is relevant is what can be maintained over the entire duration of en encounter/mission.