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07-05-2013, 12:15 AM
I have a question about the "Veteran Vessel" accolade.

I have two characters at Vice Admiral. The first I've been playing for a long time. He reached VA before the "Veteran Vice Admiral Vessel" acc came out and I resigned myself to not getting this one. A pity, because I have an irrational desire to own every accolade!

My other character obtained "Veteran Vice Admiral Vessel" on reaching VA.

With Legacy of Romulus, another accolade came along: "Veteran Vessel". I thought this would be for all life members but it seems not. My 1st character didn't get it and my second has lost "Veteran Vice Admiral Vessel", replaced it seems by the new "Veteran Vessel".

I know neither of these have any points attached to them so in a way they don't really matter.

Has anyone else noticed this? Can anyone confirm that this is working as intended?