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07-05-2013, 01:58 AM
I like the idea of per faction rep advancement. +1
I also agree that the inferior sets should cost far less and that some of the other MkXII sets need to either be revised or cost less, even if only a little.

Given how silly easy it is to get Omega marks, and if you can be bothered with Epohhs, Romulan marks too to a lesser extent, it would also be nice to have 'fire and forget' super projects into which you put say 320 marks that have a timer of a week or so to complete and give a relative amount of rep xp. Or mini 12 hour ones that give half the xp and require half the marks for folks who can only get on for 5 minutes to run around the staging area and pick up the pitiful amount of marks offered there.

The above wouldn't change the actual costs or time for overall completion of the system, but would allow players to go on holiday for a week safe in the knowledge that they aren't losing time on rep. Being able to fill the waiting project and an auto start on the second would be great too, especially for the dil conversion projects.

I still think that the gear should be per character though.

Wanted: 200,000 Dilithium Special Feature Projects for Romulan skinned Fleet Holdings.