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The easy availability of new, powerful stuff is one of the contributing factors to the decline of this game and the reality that we're constantly burning through content; it's all paid for at the click of a button as opposed to earned. When they stop handing everything out at the price of a few hours work and start putting it at the end of meaningful content (read: not at the end of a menu grind), people will start to find value in their ownership and experience in STO.
Yes mate, but the thing you don't seem to realise, is that not everyone can sit there all day in their pissed stained boxer shorts grinding endlessly the same crappy means to earn dill or loot.Some people have lives to lead also. Wives, kids, friends, etc. When they log onto the game they might only have finite time to spend on it and the last thing they want to do is spend most of that time trying to grind dull scenarios when they can just whip their credit card out.

The end result is still the same, so whats the problem? If everyone grinded out the requirements to own these ships after a few months, everyone would still have one, so there goes the immersion. Albeit slightly later.

It all boils down to the people that don't have enough money to buy this stuff outright. Crying and jealous of people that actually work for their money and spend it on whatever they like, including this game, which i class as a hobby. People spend ridiculous money on some RL hobbies, so why is this game any different if you spend enough time on it?

Its always about someone with an axe to grind, when in actual fact, if those people had the means, they would do it themselves. Just be happy for people and how they choose to play or spend their money, and worry about your own gamestyle.

For the record, i do have lots of spare time to play this game, however i am not nieve enough to think everyone has the same amount of time to invest. I had a life once! So i know what it is like. Saying to your girlfriend, "Sorry, gonna **** you off for that dinner tonight so i can play star trek" tends not to end well. Take heed lonely virgin grind machines!

BY THE WAY CRYPTIC, AWESOME JOB WITH THE SCIMITAR! Actually has very good consoles, rather than novelties. Its a great fun ship to fly, yet it needs a lot to get the most from it. I love it, and i love the working thaloron chamber on the bridge, nice touch.
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