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07-05-2013, 03:15 AM
Originally Posted by thay8472 View Post
I watched the video and someone got butt whooped.

Using the sword exploit in ground PvP is a dishonorable attack .. but can be defeated.

I was having that issue and a very good PvP er told me to jump .. You end up getting knocked back further so you will have time to recover.

I took his advice and whipped the heck out of a player trying the exploit and I have not seen him since.

A SCi can also use sonic pulse to get separation along with tach harmonic.

Carry a KB3 pw in your inventory it never hurts.

Stay out of the corners when someone comes at you with a sword.

Sometimes fellow teammates in PvP refuse to assist a person/Teammate using that exploit .. them are usually the good guys.

If you want to really piss them off get a stasis pistol .. They want to be an ass you can be an ass to.

Swords to me are way OP. I dont see how a sword can go through a personal shield at 80% penetration. Seems like if a sword hit a personal shield you would get KB + electrical damage .. seems that what happens in sci fi anyways.