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Originally Posted by simonec1 View Post
this is my build
is weapons good for normal stf if not what weap should i use
what sci and engi consoles should i use
what shield singualrity deflector and engine should i use.
and waht skill on my bridge officers should i put

Here's what I would personally change, with regards to A) you may be new to the game and or STFs and not entirely comfortable playing them, and B) You have limited resources.

Replay the 'Last Stand' mission for Caustic Weapons. This gives you 3 x Caustic DHC MK XI [Acc]x2 and 3 x Turrets MK XI [Acc]x2, a solid strong baseline until you can afford better.

Your science setup /has/ to be Polarize Hull to break tractor beams and Hazard Emitters to cleanse Plasma Fire DoTs. Both these are crucial for new pilots in STFs.

There is more variety possible in the Engineering setup, but I chose the safer path with regards to your survivability.

Tactical is setup in a classic and cannon and torpedo spread. STFs revolve a lot around multiple targets at once, it also gives you the opportunity to shoot down incoming High Yield Plasma projectiles, again playing it on the safer side.

Eng/Sci consoles, you can continue towards survivability as you already are until you are comfortable changing them for lesser armor/shields and more specialized.

If you are still struggling I'd swap the Ship Shield with a Resilient MK X or XI with [Pla] resistances.

I included skill point distribution for you as well.

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