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I'm finding flying around Risa to be quite fun. The scenery is quite beautiful, the jet packs give me a sense of freedom I never had b4, and I'm earning EC. Dancing, however, is a different story. It's a mind numbing exercise that essentially involves standing in the same exact spot while your phalanges grow sore pressing control + V over and over again. If you're lucky, some headless troll will walk by, providing some badly needed comedic relief but that's it. Even our birds can't take it. Normally our birds are soaring high and being majestic and such, but down on the dance floor, they grow fat from idling about, denied of their right to fly freely and gaily. You know what!? I say the line dance must stop HERE! THIS FAR NO FURTHER!! Take to the skies and be free my STO friends; don't ever let the RISA dance deprive of your dignity again!
During the dance, I just pin the emotes list and click the dance I want.... much easier.