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Originally Posted by cyberfoxx01 View Post
Yes! Please! A separate "Pick up loot" key would be nice. I can't count how many times I've went to pick up a drop, only to have a dialog pop up asking me to smack the interact key and find myself suddenly switching maps, that wonderful blue/purple drop disappearing forever into the aether...
THIS... exactly what prompted my post.

I so rarely see one of those purple drops on my screen, and there it was!!! Right in front of me with the Take Items prompt!

And as my finger depresses the F key, but before the contact makes contact inside the keyboard, it gets replaced by a prompt... which gets replaced by the screen telling me sector space is loading... and my mother yelling up from downstairs "What's wrong!!?" because I'm yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

Yeah... we need to separate those keys, please...

-- Smoov

edit: and why do we even have Take Items prompts anyways? especially if there are 3 loot drops in range? its not like each of the prompts tell us which loot drop it belongs to, so it isn't like we can ever choose which specific one to pick up.

Just a single prompt "Take Items" that shows up on the screen when we're in range is all we need. Maybe a "Take Items:3" and when we take a drop, it shows "Take Items:2" or something.

Why when I'm doing a ground PvE with my fleet, I have to keep having a big prompt window with 8 or 9 "Take Items" buttons in it over and over again (because we're ignoring most of the drops).

When it comes to prompts and their sizes, be them item drops, or NPC/Warp interactions, remember... LESS IS MORE!

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