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I share your obsession to collect all the accolades. I made a thread some time ago about the now unobtainable ones and suggestions on how to bring them back to life but there has been absolutely no interest from Cryptic's side. Veteran Vessel is last in my list:
I'm also obsessed to collect them all, but :
* Year 1, Year 2 and 3 should not come back as they are ways for real 3-years Veterans to distinguish themselves (I'm resigned only having the 3rd year)
* European Celebration could maybe come back at specific european days
* Lobi scavenger comes back on a 6 months regular base
* Risa and Q's winterland would probably come back every summer and winter
* Promenaded would probably come back the day they release again this event for the 3 factions
* Attache, Envoy, Consul, and Ambassador Emeritus won't come back (4x10) because it was another system. But there is a problem as Diplomacy is the only commendation that don't give you the 50 points accolade (on the other side, KDF have a 50 Marauder accolade). It would be a good idea to develop specific diplomatic missions that enables to get that accolades back.
* Above and Beyond (replay the Stranded in Space Episode) may a day come back if the episode is remastered
* Leading Edge Explosives (Collect Hargh'peng Torpedos in "The Doomsday Device" mission) could come back again on each factions, as KDF are now able to collect them via doff
* Retraining and Ship Requisitions (achieve rank of Brigadier General by 11/18/10) may come back with a special KDF event/promotion in order to not give again this advantage to those who already have it)

On my point of view, there's a real problem between FED / KDF / ROM total points, for example the sector accolades should be given to all factions (12 fed / 2 kdf / 1 rom)

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