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07-05-2013, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Honestly, I always hated that page. For one, it's not very solid info. Two, it chaps my hide that I put in a Shield Regen Stat request years ago in an Ask Cryptic. Dstahl acknowledges it. They add it to the game years later, then weeks later with no notice/reason/acknowledgement they then remove it. Then they officially add it back, and it's there now, but completely borked and doesn't work (unless, apparently, you're using a Regenerative Shield. Maybe.).


I've got issues. LOL

Yeah, I totally get that. My attitude tends to be that the more information that's probably correct you have, the better, but I can certainly see the argument for just using what you're absolutely sure of. And with the LoR changes it might not even be doable (regen used to stop at 25 power, but now it's just slow at 25 power, and stops at some unknown level, at least according to the patch notes). Come to think of it, the formula for the old stats is pretty simple, I figured it out last night, but with the new ones it's not so simple (might even need to be defined piecewise or something awful like that). And with no way to check anything....

*sigh* Well, that's STO for you. Thanks for taking a look, and thanks for keeping the calc updated.