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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
You can't be a Caitian or Klingon either as a Romulan, and those are other purchased species, so no suprise here. KDF Trill was just added because of that offer and they didn't stipulate that it was Fed only, and it was somewhat canon because Curzon and Jadzia were accepted by Klingons. There are no Joined Trills that command that kind of respect from Romulans, in fact they may despise them because of Ezri Dax in the Vesta novels.

Its bad enough Romulan faction gets stuck with all the stupid aliengen characters, Trill would make even less sense then those. Picking something other then Romulan or Reman gimps yourself and the groups you are in anyway, aliens or Trill can't get the traits that Romulan or Remans get, I don't want to see these added to Romulan faction.
I would much rather see Acamarians, Suliban, Yridians and others added to the game as either playable or at the very least, Boff races, all with interesting space traits

If Pakleds were added, anything is possible - has anyone actually seen a Pakled player character?

Wanted: 200,000 Dilithium Special Feature Projects for Romulan skinned Fleet Holdings.