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07-05-2013, 09:17 PM
Thanks for making this thread!

My general feeling is that the Summer Event is very fun, but not quite as good as the Winter Event.

The nice thing about the Winter Event is none of the events take too long. The events in the Summer Event are too long (speaking mostly of the Dance Competition; the Scavenger Hunt is fine) and force you to choose between playing the event and socializing.

The first three waves of the Dance Competition are fine, but the last (complete 20 dance moves) is a bit too long. It could have stopped after Complete 10.

Then there is the down time between events. During the Winter Event, one could socialize, grind in snow piles for more items, or just cause mischief by throwing snowballs.

The Summer Event doesn't really have "down time" as (stated above) the events run back to back, and if you choose to ignore them, there is little else you can do except hunt down accolades.

I agree with the following suggestions from the first poster:
1. Something like the snow pile grinding in the Winter Event?
2. Just make it shorter.
8. I agree that a player interactive thing like paintball, would be a good addition. Maybe not monkey paintball, but some paintball (or water gun/water balloon) stuff would be fun.

And I'd like to add a 9th suggestion: Summer Event themed Duty Officer missions. Like the available ones in the Winter Event.

Thank you.