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It's one of the Contradictions in the game I guess. Only one Defiant had a cloaking device but in game all T5 Defiants get the choice of a Cloaking Console. Only Riker had a Galaxy Dreadnought with cloaking device, but in the game everyone can have one.

Now I can assume that after Sisko worked out the bugs the Defiant went into production, it must have they got a replacement for it. I don't assume that any other Galaxy Class was given the upgrades Admiral Rikers got.

The Scimitar was a one of a kind ship too, but for the game they made it a three pack and in the movie it had that weapon so the game one has that weapon. I'd have preferred it to be a Plasma Cascade Pulse (same thing new name) but to make it like the movie we get Banned Thalaron weapons. And nobody (Starfleet/KDF Leadership) gives a damn.

Also the Klingons took the Kar'Fi from the Feklar so the real question is how did the Feklar get Federation secrets?

Fun and Game Balance sometime have to come before Canon accuracy. But in some ways you can go too far, Federation ships having a cloaking device is one of those. Exceptions to the rule being the show accurate ships. The Romulans getting a 3 piece Banned Weapon is ok I guess. Also because sitting around for 12s in PVP is begging for somebody to pop you before the thing goes off.
no proof that only Admiral Riker's E-D was the only galaxy with cloak at that time.