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07-06-2013, 11:37 AM
The Scimitar is a fine looking ship. Kudos to the ship artist(s). But as long as Cruisers are the slow moving floating bricks in STO, I won't be investing any money or time in obtaining one.

I would prefer it, if when they release new ships to the store, that they release the ships with each component individually (ship, bridge, unique console) as well as a packaged-deal. For those who prefer to use other consoles, the special console is rather useless. For those who would rather use a different bridge, the ship-specific bridge is useless. For the Scimitar, the default Romulan bridge would suit quite nicely for those uninterested in using the Scimitar bridge.

Cost: 25 dollars (includes unique bridge* and console)

Bridge: 5-10 dollars
Ship: 15 dollars
Console: 5-10 dollars
All-in-one: 25 dollars

As shown above, buying all the parts at the same time would still yield a lower cost, and give Cryptic the same amount they do today. While those who are uninterested in one part or another, will come off slightly cheaper. "Micro" transactions appear to be a thing of the past, when the cost generally exceeds the cost of most MMO subscription-based fees. Not to mention, the ability to buy entire games for the same cost (used), or roughly double (new).

* Unique Bridges are not a guarantee. The Vesta Pack is still waiting on it's own bridge design, while both the Odyssey, Bortas'qu and Scimitar come with their own bridges.