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# 1 No Longer Available
07-06-2013, 01:10 PM

I was looking forward towards purchasing the ship costume packs sometime this month. I checked the CStore and none are available now.

Why were these items removed all together? Have they been included in another bundle? or automatically given to all?

Cryptic can you bring these items back, no need to remove them? Why were they removed to begin with?

20% Skill Point Boost - 1 Hour - 120 Zen

20% Skill Point Boost - 8 Hours - 780 Zen

Federation Assault Cruiser: Imperial class - 440 Zen

Federation Advanced Escort: Hephaestus class - 440 Zen

Federation Deep Space Science Vessel: Nimbus class - 440 Zen

Federation Fleet Escort: Maelstrom class - 440 Zen

Federation Reconnaissance Science Vessel: Comet class - 440 Zen

Federation Star Cruiser: Nomad class - 440 Zen

Klingon Empire Battle Cruiser: Tor'Kaht class - 440 Zen

Emote Pack I (Frustrated, Shoo, Pick Me) - 120 Zen
Emote Pack II (Jester Dance, Air Guitar, Formal Bow) - 120 Zen
Emote: Khan - 20 Zen
Emote: Bloodwine - 20 Zen i