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07-06-2013, 12:36 PM
I've never seen a target called on ship name.

I have seen somebody name their ship expecting them to pay attention to the name. There was a Tac that named their ship DontHealMe because they wanted GDF in a Mirror event. When nobody paid attention to the name (likely didn't see it), he complained in /team. At which point we all agreed to heal him even more.

How about a matching game?

Can you match the following ship names...

I.R.W. Fragmentius
U.S.S. Scythe
I.K.S. Ch'Zel
U.S.S. Mesmer
I.K.S. Predatory Smile
U.S.S. Grape Avenger
I.K.S. R'srs
U.S.S. North Wind
I.K.S. South Wind the following pilots & ships?

Sci - Fleet T'varo
Eng - MU Vor'cha
Tac - MU Advanced
Eng - Chel Grett
Sci - MU Deep Space
Eng - JHEC
Sci - Hegh'ta
Tac - MU Vo'Quv
Eng - MU Star

Hrmm, guess the I.R.W. one is a gimme.

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