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okey dokey, finally got my tachyokinetic. now I need to respect, as I levelled up the game flying a cruiser with typical; nooby stuff like rainbow beams etc. and just poured oints in without thinking. any pointers on what points to put where?
Well, it all depends on what you're doing, but most builds will want to put 9 points in the basic weapon, shield, and hull skills (Weapon Training, Energy Weapons, Projectile Weapons, Hull Repair, Structural Integrity, Shield Emitters, Shield Systems), at least 6 in Starship Maneuvers and Starship Targetting Systems, a few points in Power Insulators, and 3-6 in most or all of the power boosting skills (both the Warp Core ones and the 4 Performance ones). A list of how much each skill does can be found here: