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Just a few things to bring up, at Jamjamz' request:

Romulan-Federation ships cannot alter the registry number of their vessels (NCC/NX-######).
The Type 6 skin cannot be used on Defiant variants unlike other refit vessels.
Romulans are unable to use Advanced Andorian Phasers despite owning the Kumari pack (understandable they can't use the ships, not so much the blue phasers)
Last, not sure if this counts: on a Federation character that the account owns the Heavy Escort Carrier and the Heavy Escort Refit, you can use the Armitage pieces on the Heavy Escort Refit at level 40+. You cannot claim/use those parts on the Refit on a Romulan captain.
Romulan reputation set engines have no cosmetic effects. (Reman do.)
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