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Originally Posted by irodelta View Post
Wow, an amazingly overpowered ship that the other factions have no hope of competing with. Any plans on going back through some of the other factions ships to balance them? 5 fore (previously only available on a single special ship), 3 aft weapon slots; more forward firepower than any other ship, 1.1 shield modifier, a ton of hull, a hanger bay, battle cloak, better turn rate than the cruiser class packs for Klingon and Fed, and it can equip cannons. Not really a reason to play pvp unless you have this...
There's alot of complaints about its survivability. It has escort setup without escort speed/turn. While players can use cloak + reman boffs to extend the turn rate, it will never compete with a bug in that department. And honestly if you dont know how to keep a cloaker from cloaking on you at this point, you probably hate all romulan ships. The hangar bay is moot IMO since you can't toss out fighters while cloaked and if they escort you they give away your position . . . So you drop em and cut em loose and they arent very effective that way. Without the 2 piece buff it does not turn better than a KDF battlecruiser. Only the Bortas and carriers, which are much more survivable than the scimitar. Keep in mind that the bonust only last a few seconds + whatever time from reman boffs you get. The shield modifer is on par with most fleet ships these days so meh on that. This things has to cloak to turn around . . . hint hint --> don't let it cloak and its killed easily in most cases. Now if i could have the shield while cloak console and/or cloak barrage on my other rommy ships THAT would be ludicrously OP.

Anyways, other escorts can chew it to pieces. Its not a bad trade off from cyptic. Trek canon has this thing cloaking and firing with shields up. That would be really hard to balance in game. The available boff setups just don't allow for maximum damage or survibility at same time.

Finally, if it makes you feel any better I do alot more dmge in PvP in a fleet Dhelan than the scimitar. I die alot less too. The only thign scary about the Scimi is the alpha out of cloak. Since most players prefer the falchion version with only 3 tac consoles . . . its not that bad. Bear in mind other ships hit stupdily hard already. (Kumari/bug/defiant/etc)