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07-07-2013, 11:08 AM
well it's good to know i'm not a crazy idiot. surely everyone can see this is not an isp issue as it's happening to players all over the world. played this game when it first came out and was so bored paid 80 bucks and subscription for about 9 months. it was one episode over and over and over again. saw that steam had it as a free game and thought i'd try again and hey, its pretty awesome now. lots of story and super fun. except now you can't get in to do anything except find out you died while the servers are lagging. hope they fix it soon. free to play is kinda funny since i've spent 60 bucks on zen items in the past three months so come on surely you guys are making enough money to help us trekkers out. won't be spending anymore until this issue is resolved thats for sure.