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07-07-2013, 04:47 PM
The chat works fine.

The username it is looking for is the username you log into STO with and not your @handle address.


Since May 2010,[3] the use of XMPP chat made it possible to chat to users in global channels (but not local or zone) or to send private messages to users on your friends list. This can be set up on a chat client program, such as Pidgin with the following directions taken:

Start the Pidgin client
Click on Accounts > Manage Accounts
Click the Add... button
On the Add Account dialog fill out the following:
Protocol: XMPP
Username: <Account Name> (the login name used for Holodeck/Live server)
Resource: <Anything> Name appearing in front of @handle, when chatting from Pidgin
Password: <Your Account Password>
Remember Password: <Check mark> (if desired)
Click Add
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