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Just to point out, I don't normally buy these cards, but given the credit card fraud I've experienced recently, and the 15% bonus, thought I would at least give it a try.

I looked for the card brand on the website, and found all the physical stores it's carried at (so you don't need to buy it online, at least in the U.S.) and got the $20 version.
Redemption was overly complicated on the PWE website, but went through fine.

Today, went to a different store, and they only had $10 and $25 dollar denominations, so I bought a $25 one...not realizing all the issues with redemption, which are in this thread.
Oh, and needless to say, you can't contact PWE billing via the website, because it's borked and doesn't go the email surveys I get from them.

So, had to send an email to Billing, and I'm assuming I've lost out on the 15% of $5, because the redemption site only handles in increments of $10...good times.

Also, the transaction processor looks like it's going out of business (by what I see on their website), so I'm wondering how much palm-greasing PWE got to get these cards sold this month.

If you want to get Zen this way, make sure you're doing a number of things:
1) You only want to buy a RED Ultimate Game card, with the head of the kid on it whose hair looks like fire...if it isn't red, you have the wrong card.

2) ONLY BUY cards in a denomination ending in ZERO "0"...$10, $20, etc. You'll avoid the nonsense of a processing company that sells $25 denomination gift cards that can't be redeemed online because it only redeems in values ending in "0".

Not going to do this again...I'd prefer to buy PWE-branded pre-paid cards if they're going to do an offer like this...but quite honestly, I'd rather grind my face into the Vlugta mine fields at this point for as much time as I've wasted on this!