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07-07-2013, 08:22 PM
The CE puts out almost 15k dps w/ AP BFAW in stage 3...

Uhhh... you escorts couldn't stay in the fight long enough to scratch it, but thats not my problem, its the losers who leave cause they die after 2 seconds. I had a team - me in my JH dread and 4 tac escorts and no matter how many heals i threw out, there where ALWAYS at least 2 dead at a time, while I was dropping RSPs every 30 seconds, never died, and got first - even after three of them left in stage 3.

like I said - if any of you actually read the post - which you never do - if you can stay alive to contribute, I couldn't care less, but most of the escorts can't

Ohh and dont worry about removing the damage buffs, I use tachyon beam and aceton beam i just neglected to list the former
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