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07-07-2013, 08:33 PM
I read your entire post. Most of the people in the thread clearly did, the whole theme of discussion is that escorts don't need any of what you claim they do to survive the encounter.

Since you've chosen to give away that you're in a JHDC, it's worth pointing out that what it takes for an escort to survive is basically the same that you need - your higher health and better shields will make you better able to avoid a heavily buffed matter conversion beam (which shouldn't be happening) or a shockwave (which the escort can easily avoid), but over the length of the fight and the level of incoming damage, the ability to mitigate damage and replenish health outweighs your maximum health, the health can only delay the inevitable if you cannot do these things.

And in those departments, you're playing with the same deck as a great many escorts.