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Originally Posted by ragnusthorne View Post
I purchased a prepaid card today to check out the promo, came home and loaded it in, no bonus. I read a bit more and see that apparently its only one company that sells the gamecards, not other companies you use liked FastCard. a company thats based online? again.. that defeats the purpose of prepaid game cards...
This is partially correct. Fastcard is the middleman company between the retailers and the vendors. On the back of both an UltimateGameCard (UGC) AND Perfect World card (PW), there is the Fastcard logo. They just do it all.

Originally Posted by ragnusthorne View Post
15% promo for game cards should apply to ALL prepaid cards, and I do believe this may be the last one I purchase, due to intentionally misleading advertising. Not that anyone cares, but many players use these cards for all of your games,
It would be nice for consumers if they did, but guess what, UGC probably brokered a deal that only they get the bonus for a time, otherwise there would be no reason for us to "give our business" to them right? The promo exists because of UGC's desire to get more business and sell our emails, not because of PW's desire to sell more PW cards, because they'll get a kickback anyway.

Originally Posted by kommander1988 View Post
I looked for the card brand on the website, and found all the physical stores it's carried at (so you don't need to buy it online, at least in the U.S.) and got the $20 version.
Redemption was overly complicated on the PWE website, but went through fine.
I suppose I should've gone the forum route and looked for Canadian buyers, but for just $20 I at least wanted to try it out.


The value of 2000 Zen is $20 U.S. Perfectly fine for U.S. residents. But UGC knows I paid $20 CDN and wants an extra $2.20. Which of course I don't have without buying another $20 card. See how this goes? And despite my best investigating, I cannot simply "top up" with a credit card, I can only buy another full denomination. Microsoft Points all over again... crikey.

So I too have only been able to redeem 1500+150 Zen after spending $20. Perhaps this is currency-exchange karma catching up to Canadians who enjoy PW cards?

Originally Posted by kommander1988 View Post
2) ONLY BUY cards in a denomination ending in ZERO "0"...$10, $20, etc. You'll avoid the nonsense of a processing company that sells $25 denomination gift cards that can't be redeemed online because it only redeems in values ending in "0".

Not going to do this again...I'd prefer to buy PWE-branded pre-paid cards if they're going to do an offer like this...but quite honestly, I'd rather grind my face into the Vlugta mine fields at this point for as much time as I've wasted on this!
I redeemed in increments of $10 + $5, so I'm not understanding the problem you encountered here. I was able to redeem $5 no problem, but for whatever reason, and with screenshots as proof, the 75 Zen bonus on the $5 did not come through.

I don't like using the word "gyp" for its cultural connotations, but this is what we got with a side of snake oil.

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