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07-07-2013, 10:24 PM
As much as I hate the rep grind, and trust me I hate it, its honestly not the worst grind in the game. By far the longest, (aside from the fleet system) but perhaps one of the easiest really.

Do a nebula rescue for Nukara marks, then do ISE once, do a Tau Dewa sector patrol, then a nebula rescue again. It will take you less than an hour tops, and you'll bet set for all 3 for a day. Throw in a KSE, occasional epoh tagging run which is about five minutes worth of work, and a run through the Nukara exterior easies and mediums, and you're set on marks for a few days, all for maybe an hour and a half of work?

Sure, doing it on 14 toons at once would be a chore, but pick a couple priority toons, and then either max them out, or set a goal of 1 or 2 Tiers of rep. Hit the goal and move onto the next toons.

I've done it now on 4 of my guys. And I have one char slot just for running rep. I.finish rom and omega for the dil bonus at the end, turn all marks into dil to feed the fleet, delete them and start again.

The only thing I really hate about the rep system is the fricken 20 hour timer. So much hatred would be solved if they were 4 or even 10 hour projects.