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Originally Posted by vantheman77 View Post
There's nothing like fighting side-by-side with the original Enterprise.

That was an amazing moment in a whole string of them. What I loved the most, besides meeting three of the original cast however briefly, was the whole bit with Drozana station.

When you first visit it, it's nasty, run down, and falling apart with verbal hints that it might have been nice at one point but those days are long behind it. Then you go to the sublevels, and it's straight up Nostromo down there! Everything you were told to expect is even worse than described, crumbling and claustrophobic and dark, like a technological haunted house. It's harder still then to imagine it as anything but a hellpit.

Then you go back to the TOS era when it was new, and the contrast is breathtaking! The same map, the same rooms and equipment, but bright and colorful and new and full of life. Those same corridors you dungeon crawled through with spiders and spectres striking from the darkness, now filled with happy pretty people rocking their colorful uniforms amid the pristine retrofuture awesomeness drenched in the Space Age optimism of Roddenberry's original vision.

Am I the only one who didn't want to go back to the future after experiencing the TOS era in all it's glory?