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07-08-2013, 03:12 AM
Same. I can JUST ABOUT tolerate it with my primary (science) character, as am almost at T3 Nukara and am at T5 everything else with that one.

However, I have three other characters, one fed tac, one fed engineer, one KDF tac, and a Romulan Engineer (although she doesn't quality for tiresome grinding yet anyway, as haven't progressed her past subcommander.

And I just CAN'T face commencing the grind on any of them. Okay, my Fed Tac officer is at T4 Omega, but I haven't gotten much further than that. And I really can't be bothered either to be honest. I want to play the blasted game (that is, participate in STF's/PvE type content, not worry about gather X amount of X so that I can buy X from the relevant rep store. I don't consider that particularly fun.

So, with the exception of my Sci, my characters all make do with Elite Fleet equipment, which does the job VERY nicely and takes less grind since Fleet marks are so easily obtainable. And only time will tell if I ever gain the motivation to commence the tiresome grind with any other character.