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Originally Posted by shar487a View Post
I would like to see rep grinds shared among the player account's same-side factions, so that players need only max once for Feds and once for KDF. However, since I doubt this will ever happen, I've stopped playing multiple toons and sticking to my lone Fed Tac. This reduces the grind to only one iteration.
I can agree to this. Not to try and bring in another game into the convo, but with all its faults, SWTOR's Rep system is really nice. Reputation in that game is shared across your legacy, which all toons on the same server are part of.

I could see a system like this being much more tolerable in the long run, especially for those with multiple toons. It helps to keep the community vibrant and alive by rewarding the creating and leveling of alts. The more alts you have running the rep missions, the faster you gain rep.

The only change I would recommend to go along with this is to increase the amount of rep needed per level to balance out multiple toons sharing rep.
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