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07-08-2013, 06:05 AM
Originally Posted by themarie View Post
I did Borg-Romulan on two toons... just Borg on one. Just Romulan on another... and my next toon will be just Nukara.

You don't NEED to max out all three on every toon.

I like to think that my toons are specialists in various areas. The first two mastered two branches, while the others super-specialized.
I am sick and TIRED of people saying "you don't NEED to do this." Holy crap, you realize people want to get good equipment? The best equipment in this game is in the reputation. Cryptic refuses to make it account wide due to people not logging on as much, so less money for them.

A week and counting haven't played, just so sick of Cryptics tactics and crap now. If it doesn't change I don't plan on playing anymore.

I shouldn't have to grind reputation on a different ALT just to get better equipment on it, not to mention the fact grinding even more DIL for that single character to even get it.

Ugh so sick of this, just makes me angry now, how people accept this is beyond me.