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07-08-2013, 08:13 AM
Well, as i said, i did figure that out - i just didnt think it was the email adress at first, since that breaks XMPP compliance....

I suppose its because i registered just this year and got a PWE account, that i got the @ in my username.

Unfortunately the STO XMPP Server doesnt know how to handle the XMPP compliant escaping for special characters, (which would be the aforementioned \40 for an @ ), and thus, i cant use this service.

I have another idea - sometimes when my game DC's, instead of my saved email adress, theres a long number with a # in the "username" box ingame, and since i can use that to login to the game, it might work to use that to connect to the XMPP server.

Unfortunately i'm not getting that number after a forced disconnect.... Oh well. Maybe i'll open a support ticket.

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