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07-08-2013, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by lexusk19 View Post
So yeah.. Got one toon to max and then was like oh great.. Another 14 to go.. Rep system spits in the face of making new toons and my opinion is, its the worst idea PWE/Cryptic has ever had... Please do something for people who have and enjoy making alt toons.
This topic has come up many times before and I'm sure it will come up many times after.

I agree with the OP that the REP systems give me shivers when I look at my 10 Characters.

Yes I know that I don't need the Rep gear or add on's to play STO but I want them and always try to work them into the builds of the Characters that I'm working with.

Now I don't think that ALT's should get a free pass just because we maxed out the Rep Systems with one Character on the Account but what I would like to see is a system that gives the player a Rep Exp bonus and contribution requirement reduction based on how many Characters on the Account have already completed the REP in question.

I'd like to see something like a 20% increase in Rep Exp and a 20% Contribution reduction to REP projects account wide if the Player has completed the REP system with one Character on the Account and an additional 5% increase in REP EXP and a 5% Contribution reduction to REP projects for each additional Character that has completed the same REP System up to a max of 50%.

So with the numbers above a player would only need to level 6 Characters through all the REP systems to get the maximum Bonus of REP EXP and Contribution to Projects Reduction.

With the above suggestion Cryptic will still get some Grind out of long time players but the players get the benefit of shorter and less expensive grinds.

I'd see it has a nice incentive to get more players to role ALT's which many players are reluctant to do because the Grinds make it so unappealing.