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07-08-2013, 08:45 AM
Originally Posted by mdwgardiner1701 View Post
I'm sorry if that has been raised before but here goes:

It just dawned on me that these projects can only be run once.

I clearly missed this the first time round when exchanging some items.

My questions is why? I have many of these items across multiple toons, often never enough to complete any full set on any of them. At the moment they are simply eating up bank space and I can no longer trade them in for Nukara marks. They're not worth any EC and I don't feel happy about trashing them for something that I put time in to get.

Now that there is the function of cancelling projects surely the exchange project could be made repeatable?

If Cryptic were worried about people trading these in a getting and advantage over others players they should remember the Omega boxes with the marks at the start of S7. It would simply be reward for what was otherwise a pretty low yield place (Nukara Prime). And the marks rewards are again fairly low anyway.

Anyone else feel similarly about this?
Yes. One of my characters ran Nukara for a while trying to collect all the pieces of the ground set back before even Season 7 and New Romulus launched and ended up with multiple copies of the pulse wave and either the shield or the EV suit, but never finished the set because I got bored of it and decided to revisit an older, neglected character with the launch of S7 and New Romulus. I was pretty upset when I realized that I couldn't unload all the cryo pulse waves I had sitting in my inventory.