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Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
Yes. One of my characters ran Nukara for a while trying to collect all the pieces of the ground set back before even Season 7 and New Romulus launched and ended up with multiple copies of the pulse wave and either the shield or the EV suit, but never finished the set because I got bored of it and decided to revisit an older, neglected character with the launch of S7 and New Romulus. I was pretty upset when I realized that I couldn't unload all the cryo pulse waves I had sitting in my inventory.
Yeah same story with me. I managed to get the set on two characters. I have multiple copies of the shield on my fed engineer and an extra suit on one or two characters.

I'd love for cryptic to change this, c'mon guys be my friends for life! Hint, hint please! But honestly doesn't seem like there is much of a recourse to get them to change decisions like this. I like many aspects of the rep system but it's the overall grind and little things like this that bother me a bit.
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