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07-09-2013, 05:13 AM
There was an extensive discussion about this concept looong ago in the KDF forums.
The idea was to convert either Raptors or BoPs into scout versions, meaning ships intended for signal intelligence, electronic warfare etc.
They'd trade firepower and tac BO/console slots for shields and science BO/console slots.
This would also make sense given the Raptor was a scoutship on Enterprise.
I know Mem Alpha also also calls it a battlecruiser.
But that's only because Archer, the guy who crawled around the floor of his ready room loking for a squeek that he thought moved intentionally away from him when he got closer to it, referred to it as such in "Marauders".

Unfortunately I don't think such a pod system is fasible in the current game system because external appearance and internal characteristics of a ship are totally seperated.
That's why we have stuff like the starship 3-packs.