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07-09-2013, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by ccmurphy View Post
i'm hoping we can use existing ships. it would be a little work, but if you tweek the code for the neb for example to fallow the pod that you selected in the ship creator, and said pod has these upgrades. the only problem with that is, if someone forgot to dequip equipment or the like, what would happen to the equipment.
I think there is a simple and existing solution to the equipment problem.
When you want to trade a BO to another player, the system prevents that unless you have removed every bit of equipment from its inventory.
The same could be done with a ship's module: you can't remove it from your ship until you've removed all the equipment from the module.

Originally Posted by ccmurphy View Post
of course if they made theses pods, people would want them to be used on other ship types besides the ones that seam like they can equip them now.
That's possible, but it's a problem STO has faced numerous times.
Ships with hangar are people suddenly want a hangar on an existing ship.
But I'm not sure if that's the best solution.
I think there should be ships that support modules and those who don't, just like there are ships with universals or hangars...and ships without.