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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
It's good to see you have a realistic outlook on the matter.

The big question that keeps coming up in my head is whether this system would work on an existing ship design, like the Nebula this is based on, or whether we'd need a new kind of ship that is basically "blank".

Assuming the latter, it would work a bit like the following.

A "blank" vessel starts out with the usual stuff like shield and engine slots etc. plus:

6 console slots (2 for each category)
6 weapons slots (3 fore, 3 aft)

and a module slot

The ship also has a rather low hull, shield mod and turnrate and no power bonus.

depending on the module, the ship gains
a typical science/escort/cruiser power bonus
hull (by via "strucutral integrity")
shield mod
and either "Sensor analysis" or one or two weapons slots
The BO layout depends on the module.

The other big issue is whether it's more work for Cryptic to for example build 3 ships with 3 modules that work on all three ships without totally killing what little balance we have...or 9 new individual ships.
I think another issue is whether the game is setup in such a way that simply equipping an item can change the hardcoded slots that a ship has. If memory serves, similar conversations in the past (not necessarily about modular ships, but with things like adding on console slots to existing ships) necessitated multiple versions of a given ship to be produced as opposed to a single modular framework hull.