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07-10-2013, 03:06 AM
Originally Posted by alopen View Post
Lotta drama in this thread. Yeah I agree the rep system sucks. But its being really overblown in this thread. First off, you do not need tier 5 rep to be competive in PvP. It definitely helps , but it isn't necessary. A good build will go along way. IMO hit tier 1 Omega and you can get borg space set. That is a good set right there (Yes I know its not the best). Its also really easy to get and probably only costs about the amount of dill you saved up while getting to 50.

None of the reps are necessary for PvE in the least. IMO the problem is that there really isn't much else to do besides the same PvE queues over and over again. So people do the same STF merely from a lack of options to do anything else. As has been said before, rotate games when you can't take any more STFs. Personally, I spend as much time as possible in PvP queues to avoid the drudgery of STFs. You only need to run one STF a day to move the 20 hr timer. I will admit that I wish they would lower the XP requirement. That way I could run them without having to grind mirror universe every few days (thats my biggest pet peave about reps)
Oh look another one with 'not needed' excuse. Please stop telling others what is necessary or not. Everything is optional in this game. But that doesn't mean that people can not suggest how to make rep grind more fun. Why? because at 50 there is nothing else to do other than grinding dilithium.