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Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
Ever do Molten Core 75+ times in the heyday of World of War-Craft to get your 40 man Guild Raid group prepped for BlackWing lair and beyond back in the day?

My point? Most MMOs 'endgame content' is constant repetition. Why? No team (even Blizzard's) can crank out new content fast enough to appease a rabid content consuming playerbase; and it's the only way (so far) that's been devised to keep players playing.

Again, not really trying to defend it per se; but if you feel this paradigm is unique to Cryptic MMOs, you're mistaken.
True. But in 3 years, we have had only two remotely difficult to complete things added to this game while older stuff like Terradome just kind of 'sits' there, still only giving substandard, blue Mk X rewards and there is no doubt that all the new stuff has made the Borg STF's progressively easier, not to mention the 'could do ISE in my sleep' aspect. While I appreciate that grind and repeatable content is really the only way to go to a certain extent, there are degrees to which this is acceptable and there are literally 1000s of foundry missions out there that could be made into weekly side story specials. DS9 had it's main story arc but it still managed to have 'break' episodes from time to time.