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07-10-2013, 04:21 AM
Originally Posted by carasucia83 View Post
True. But in 3 years, we have had only two remotely difficult to complete things added to this game while older stuff like Terradome just kind of 'sits' there, still only giving substandard, blue Mk X rewards and there is no doubt that all the new stuff has made the Borg STF's progressively easier, not to mention the 'could do ISE in my sleep' aspect. While I appreciate that grind and repeatable content is really the only way to go to a certain extent, there are degrees to which this is acceptable and there are literally 1000s of foundry missions out there that could be made into weekly side story specials. DS9 had it's main story arc but it still managed to have 'break' episodes from time to time.
Terradome is wickedly fun when you can actually find a group for it. It's a shame it just sits there being mostly forgotten. It could definitely use a reward overhaul and really should be put on the PVE listing with some sorts of marks choice reward.

There's a lot of content either long forgotten about or that could be added to make the rep system seem like less of an endless grind and more of a content exploration thing.