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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
In the grand scheme of things STO's end-game is about excessive grinding. Whether you grind the same handful of STF's 10,000 times or grind Rep missions 10,000 times it's still grinding. STO doesn't have enough varying content to make the grinding interesting - as opposed to other games which have the same mindless grinding but at least have 10 times more choices. That's really not going to change.

Ultimately, STO's going to need to be more like NWNs. It's going to need to use it's Foundry more intensely to earn people the various grinding currencies. At this point that's really the only way to get enough content into the game. I mean, look at all the KDF mission just added, done in less then 1 week. Look at all the Rom missions just added, done in a week. There's never going to be enough content that people can't do it 100 times faster then it's made. Thus they really need to expand the benefits of the Foundry.

Not that they don't need to add a ton of new end-game mission, just that no matter how many they add, they're still going to be played faster then they can be created.
This just highlights the dangers of releasing a game too early. People shout and scream, and stomp their feet trying to tell this to developers, but these teams are forced to work under deadlines imposed by people who only interested in a return on investment. I hope those empty suits see how the "hurry launch it now" mentality is extremely detrimental to the ability of a game to advance and grow.

Cryptic will always be playing catch up, unless and until they have a team and resources to rapidly expand development. I'm willing to bet that given the game's age and mediocre success (thanks in large part to the state of the game at launch), there's little motivation to do this.

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