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I have posted about this on multiple occasions... help me help you make/take (my) money!

Just as a few other posters... with the release of LOR I had wild aspirations to level a number of Rom Toons.

I mean I'd need a fed tac..... and and a kdf tac...! damnit I'll need a sci for that Tvaro refit torp boat I want, FED and ROM! right ok ok ok lets gets busy.....

So i level my fed tac.... and thats it.... the stark reality of having to grind through Rep again on all these new toons I wanted quickly put me off the idea...

I have Fleet Dhelan on my Tac... I quite like it... I'd like a scimitar but I like to run specific ships on specific toons for quick changes, and since I'm not levelling another toon and grinding rep.... im not buying a Scimitar as the toon I have will do fine in a Dhelan...however if i had another tac... I'd most definitely pick one up!

Not to mention if I was levelling another batch of toons I'd go gold again for a month... you know for the respecs and slots and all that nice stuff Id get while levelling my new toons....
But I'm not gunna level new toons because of rep.... so I aint going gold for a month....

But I tell you what I would do.... if I levelled new toons and had the option to unlock all my rep in one go for 500zen per toon... Id pay it, no problem or hesitation...

So Cryptic break it down... rep is costing you the price of a T'varo, Scimitar Pack (gotta have all the consoles right?) and a months gold (plus months gold further down the line when I'm levelling another batch of toons). That's just on my roms... I'd like another fed tac in an a2b regent and a sci KDF briel.

Thats probably 10k-12k Zen + a month's gold right there you're LOSING because of rep.

So Cryptic I ask again.... help me help you take 500 zen (+the rest) off me per toon for tier 5 rep unlock.


PS Make it an even 1000 Zen per toon and give me a lv 50 toon with 500k Expertise with full tier rep unlocked (hate levelling toons.....again!) Guys that are in the game longer (an pay for stuff) been there done that with it all)

Freddy Demands IT!!

PPS Point to note though I do agree that value and some hard should be attached to the best endgame gear....and that a paid rep unlock would have to be only purchaseable after having completed full rep on at least 1 toon previously.

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