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Originally Posted by dkeith2011 View Post
I am most certainly not enjoying regrinding Reps on my Romulan, an account based system would be great.

And don't even get me started on the DOff grind...
I deleted my Romulan avatar for both reason. Even though "Legacy of Romulus" is an impressive upgrade, the reputation system and duty officer grind is too daunting. Once you complete a few holdings, the yearning to do it again fades very rapidly. Another problem is the duty officer issues. If you try to buy them from the exchange, the price to obtain purple duty officers is insane. As a result of Cryptic raising the duty officer recruitment costs, the prices on the exchange have made STO extremely slow to play.

Both issues are a game stopper.

Originally Posted by voxlagind View Post
Reputation passives, activated abilities, and equipment are all necessary for high-end gameplay. Leveling those reputations costs players nothing but time (as the only limiting factor is marks). But that time is not only gated by the number of daily runs needed to get the marks (unless you happen to be able to play specifically during the bonus mark event every day), but also by a 20 hour forced wait between projects as well.
Yeah, I feel your pain. Once my second avatar completed Omega-T3, the thought of waiting through timers put my progress on indefinite hold.

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