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07-10-2013, 08:50 AM
Well of course there is already a discussion about this already:

The MOD saw fit to move it so no one would notice.

HEre is also an interview stating that they are making ANOTHER reputation:

Here is my response from the old thread:

I don't know what it is anymore, but why do people continiously defend this game?

This is how the conversations usually go:

1. Someone complains on the forums that something needs to be changed.
2. Cryptic either doesn't listen, or doesn't change it.
3. People whine that people are whining on troll on them. Some of them being veteran players.

4. Other people come in with the same complaints.
5. Other people defend Cryptic saying "it's the way it's mean to be."
6. Cryptic comes out with a "fix" that gives them more profit. Rather then listening to the players.

You see I used to be a veteran EverQuest player. By content and difficulty alone it puts this game to shame.

Not only that the customer service with EverQuest was SUPERB. Even more so that they had a Guide program that listened to people's issues, and petitions/tickets were answered in a very timely fashion. (I WAS a Guide, I know how it was.) The stuff that Cryptic does to the player base would of never flew over well. The game would of gone under in a matter of months. (EverQuest) that is.

However it seems Cryptic at this point is trying to grab every last penny they can from the player base. I have since canceled my gold, and will NOT spend one more cent on this game. I have spent probably over $250.00 worth of ZEN on this game from buying stuff and + subs + converting Zen to DIL. Then what do I get in return? Bugs. A bugged character for the lat 3 months, horrible customer service. A company that does not care about it's customers or fan base.

You see I don't have time to grind 10 different ALTs to get the amount of DIL i need. That is NEITHER realistic nor should have to be done to get the amount required just for one item. This doesn't make it a "challenging" game. It just forces people to logon to get Cryptic = More profit.

This company has the worst and utterly the most inconceivable idea of what they call customer service.

I need to know why the heck people are defending Cryptic on every single aspect of this a game, when a lot of players can agree something is either broken, or needs to be fixed or improved upon. I don't know if you guys are a glutton for punishment, or just have a lot of money so it doesn't bother you, but for us poorer people, yet it get sickening.

I never seen a player base so scared, and just defend a horrible company. Why because the game is named "Star Trek." Put any other name to this game and NO ONE would play it. The people that keep this game alive, are either rich, or just so far gone with Star Trek, they will say and do ANYTHING for Cryptic to defend them.

People complain because it helps things improve, tells a company there is something wrong with their product.

All the tactics that Cryptic does, the 8K dil limit, (and screwing you over for that day if you don't refine, why?) no benefit of becoming a gold member, every new ship, new item costing money? Fleet Modules costing a buttload, the ridiculous grind and pricing for a Starbase. This s all okay with people though? Bugs in the game that have been in the game since launch/CB/OB. Bugged zones, bugged missions, bugged equipment?

This is okay by everyone? Everyone just keeps paying money and defending this company. I don't understand this, what do you hope to accomplish, get brownie points for Cryptic so they give you something free? They will drop you like a hat if they wanted to. You get NOTHING for bending over backwards for them.

Where is the Tribble reward they promised everyone?

There have been SEVERAL posts that either have gone to the wayside, or been delted or moved, so they can't be seen on this forum, about the Reputation grind.

They aren't going to do anything about it, they know the more grind you have to do the more money you spend. IF you are stupid enough to do that, it's your own fault.

There is a difference with difficulty and then grinding. Making something a long grind that takes you months, or almost a year to get doesn't make it a challenging game. It makes it a money sink. I guess people are too ignorant to see this (and being stupid and ignorant are two different things.)

I am playing less and less due to this fact, it's sad that the game has become this.

This game will get so bad eventually that there will be no way out of paying for something, maybe a new item, or a new ship. What's going to happen when the raise the level limit "Buy Zen for more SKill Points!" People think that would be ludicrous but Cryptic has lured you slowly into this trap, that when it comes people like "okay ill bend over for you."

How people accept this game as it is, and continually pay a company with horrible customer service, is still beyond me.