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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
Considering what you have to invest in order to max out gear in other MMOs, the grind in STO isn't too bad. What it boils down to is that STO players seem to be spoiled when compared to those of other games.

Instant levelling, quick access to best-in-slot gear, no ranked pvp reward system, reputation gated solely by real-time and not by skill/ingame-time/organization and endgame content en par with basic low-level dungeons in other games, plus the fact that endgame gear doesn't become obsolete.

People in here are complaining about the fact that it takes a bit of time to equip their n-th alt with top-notch, best in slot endgame gear, which already requires a low amount of effort to start with. An average ingame-time of 15-20 minutes/day will get your character to T5 reputation with all 3 factions in about a month.

Other games make you grind the same (raid) dungeons for 3-4 hours 2-3 times a week to get second-rate gear which in turn you need to replace every few weeks to stay competative. It's the same grind in every game out there, it's part of the basic mmo-concept. People who don't grasp that might be better off playing Skyrim & co., where - when it becomes too time consuming or difficult - you can just advance via console commmands...
Considering they way Cryptic is going with these reputation grinds people will eventually get sick and go and play something else maybe Skyrim. I for one have taken a break from the game and i'm glad for it as it was starting to become more like a job and some people have left indefinitely we are not asking to stop the grind entirely we are just asking for it to become account unlocked or remove the time gate something that cryptic has the power to do.
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